Before tourism, pineapple and ranching, Lānaʻi was known for its horde of man-eating ghosts. In the 1400s, the young Lahaina prince Kaululaau supposedly killed them all… but what if they survived?

Places and things of old Lāna’i are actively being brought back.  In the 50s and 60s, a company initiated Lāna’i security group existed; itʻs now revived but this time in secret.  A group of Lanaians have been chosen to spy and eliminate undesirable activities occurring on the island.  This group identity and purpose remains a secret.

Sheldon Eskaran, is one of these secret operatives.  Unlike his fellow agents however, he discovers that the ancient ghosts are being brought back.  Now a self-appointed paranormal investigator, Ghost Island follows Sheldonʻs journey into the truth of their return.

The 5 episodes below are previews and sketches of what Ghost Island could become.
We are currently seeking funding options to bring this series to life.

Ghost Island, Episode 9, “Tatlong Lagusan”


Ghost Island, Episode 4, “The Lanai Family Store”


Ghost Island, Episode 5, “The Social Hall”


Ghost Island, Episode 3, “Corky”


Ghost Island, Episode 6, “Green River”


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